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Party Buses – Your Ride to Fun When it comes to transportation, why have everybody try to find their own ride when everybody can take the party bus? Party buses are a fun way to get you, and your friends and family to where the fun is, safely. When you take a party bus, you get the transportation without the hassle. Take the stress out of your special event by traveling together, safely; with the party bus, the party is not simply the destination, it is wherever you go. Great for All Occasions Whenever you have something special to celebrate, use a party bus. When you are going to a party, parking can be a hassle. When guests have to park down the block from the party venue and walk, that’s no way to begin a celebration, have them all park in one place and go to the party together, in the party bus. This is great for weddings, no more trying to get everybody from the ceremony site to the reception site; they can all go at once, on the party bus! Or, better yet, we offer pick up and drop off service so they do not have to drive at all! Transportation for all in one vehicle, it does not get more convenient or easier than that. From weddings to birthday parties to proms, you can take the party with you while your entire party rides in comfort and style. Turn a memorable event into an unforgettable event by the added flair of the party bus. No matter what the size of your guest list is, we have a party bus just right for you. Nobody has to be excluded from riding because no matter the occasion, everybody fits in our luxurious and comfortable party limos and buses. Safer Than Driving Drinking and driving is not safe. The real danger is that people tend to underestimate how much alcohol really affects them until they get behind the wheel of a car. DUIs and DWI are expensive; you can go to jail, lose your license and get your car impounded. Protect yourself and your guests by using a party bus. Everybody gets to and from the party, safely and the party can continue in the bus! Why let the fun stop just because you are on the move, so if you are going and from a single location or going to several locations, the party continues when you are on the bus and no danger of any of your guests getting a DUI or DWI. Enjoy the Sites Instead of you and your guests trying to read directions, everybody can sit back, relax and enjoy the sites as you are driven from destination to destination. Turn your ride in the party bus into part of your party! Nobody gets lost, and nobody ends up missing a minute of the fun, keep the party going while on the road, enjoying the sites and if there is traffic, who cares, you are on a bus with all of your family and friends, having fun. Cost Effective If you divide the cost of the party bus between everybody, you will find that it is extremely affordable. For corporate events and weddings, the very fact that you have provided such luxurious transportation with your guest’s comfort in mind will make a very favorable impression, something that you cannot even put a price on. For your special event, the party bus is your pathway to a memorable, fun, and safe time that your guests will appreciate, and talk about, for years to come. Make every special event an amazing even with the party bus.

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